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Welcome to Peninsula Health Centers

Peninsula Health Center is changing the way we treat substance and co-occuring disorders. We take a unique approach to treatment from a total 360 approach, treating the mind, body and spirit in an effort to build a solid foundation for sustainable recovery.

Outpatient Treatment You Can Count On.

Peninsula Health Center is dedicated to helping others on the path to long-term recovery. From our unique therapeutic offerings to our evidence-based approach, we aim to treat each client with the treatment services that best fit your individual needs.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Expertly managed medication-assisted treatment options available to all clients.

Unique Therapies

We utilize the latest advancements to ensure all clients experience personalized care.

Outpatient Options

We offer day and night intensive outpatient options so you don't have to worry about missing out.

Meet the Team

At Peninsula Health Centers, we've established a world-class team of expert, caring treatment providers.

Our Program Defined

We offer integrative wellness solutions from addiction to mental health to overall health & wellness.

Tour Our Facility

Our convenient location makes its easy to access top-notch addiction medicine in Southern California.

Our Programs

A Team You Can
Count On

We have hand-picked our treatment team, lead by Dr. Matin Hemet, to provide our clients with a safe and encouraging space where you can find the healing you deserve. Our program offers you a unique opportunity to not only overcome substance abuse, but to also to build a healthy lifestyle.

Our Treatment Program Can Help You.

We offer a number of treatment programs and options that provide a total wellness approach. Our treatment programs combine medical, holistic, traditional and modern therapies to treat substance abuse and dual-diagnosis treatment.

Partial Hospitalization

Explore how our PHP program in the South Bay can help you recover from substance abuse.

Intensive Outpatient

Discover how our Intensive Outpatient program can change your life or the better.

Outpatient Program

We offer an outpatient program that is based on your needs, regardless of your background.

A Modern Facility For Modern Recovery

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Compassionate Treatment With an Expert Approach

Don’t Wait Another Day, Get Immediate Help for Substance Abuse Right Now.

Find Lasting Recovery

Get a free consultation right now. Fill out the form below to get a callback from our expert and caring admissions team. Whether you are a fit for our program or not, we will help you find the best treatment options that work for your personal needs.

What Makes Us Different?

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Your Health Insurance Can Pay for Treatment

Learn more about how Peninsula Health Center works with health insurance plans and how your insurance can help cover most of the costs associated with treatment.